Universal Inclusion for the Business Community

“Matan was not only a great legal mind, but a business partner who always looked for ways to make business plans work.” - Craig Bahner, President, US Morning Foods at Kellogg Company (formerly of Procter & Gamble)

The business case for universal inclusion is simple, and premised first and foremost on the idea that both customers and employees with disabilities represent an untapped resource. It is impossible to know when the person with a disability who is destined to be your star performer might apply, or when someone who could be a prized customer is going to arrive.

The only way to seize these opportunities when they present is to already be proactively ready for them. The bonus of the universal inclusion approach is that it has the potential to realize additional value from anyone, recognized disability or not.


Presentations For Businesses

My presentations, workshops, and consulting, offered through Capitalizability LLC, are focused on strategies tailored to helping businesses shift their thinking and modify their practices, so they can be prepared to engage these opportunities when they arise. Once I introduce the opportunity, I find that I do not need to ignite anyone’s passion, because the value to be gained will itself set them aflame. For a quick talk on just how that works, watch these brief remarks that I gave in Jerusalem a few years ago:

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“Matan was a tremendous asset to our team. He recognized the need to balance risk mitigation while forging new directions to grow the business. I always appreciated his depth of expertise, pragmatic approach, and collaborative style.” - Christopher Keith, Marketing Director at Procter & Gamble