A Year-End Message from Matan: Help Keep This Work Alive!

It has been an amazing year.  In the 10 months since I launched this initiative, I have done 20 events, large and small, with cumulative audiences approaching 10,000 adults and children.  It is not yet 2016, and I've already booked at least 10 events for next year, the majority of which are confirmed.  At this time last year, my initiative didn't exist yet.  Regardless of what happens, I am pleased to say that I have touched lives this year, and the fire of inclusion is kindling.

But, we've reached a moment of truth.  I have used the last of the savings of my 10 years of law practice in support of this work, and while I've not quite exhausted the goodwill of those that help me with personal expenses, I would only continue on their support were I looking again at a return to my previous profession.  I have seen the lives that I can change in the effect that I can have doing this work, but I'll only be able to continue if you see it too and join with me to make it happen.  There are three ways to help:


Book me for speaking, consulting or both

The true measure of success, toward which dollars are a means, not an end,, is the number of people that I reach, and the change that they make.  Each new engagement not only raises some revenue to keep me going a little longer, but allows me to go out into the philanthropic world and demonstrate the importance of my work.  To those of you in the Jewish world, now is the time to get me on the calendar if you want me to be there in the future.  We will work together to think through fundraising, but only if we start the process.

To readers in the corporate world, I especially seek your help.  Unlike my already discounted nonprofit rates, my corporate pricing is designed to be self-sustaining.  As the corporate presentation section shows, I have any number of offerings, both extant and in development, for a corporate audience, but I need a few of you to be my first clients for these offerings to enable my outreach to the rest.

Check out the corporate presentation section, and the Jewish offerings section and if you have either the ability to book yourself, or appropriate contact, please direct them there.  Or encourage them to email me at Matan@matankoch.com

Donate in Support of My Cause

Many of the expected readers of this message have spoken of the importance of my work, and the impact that I can have on the world.  I may not be able to continue this work beyond currently booked engagements however, without a short-term infusion of funds.  A further reality that I have learned since starting this work 10 months ago is that my already discounted rates can be hard for nonprofits and communities of faith to raise.  Thus, I am seeking donations to a fund (which a number of you are working on helping me to create) which, in the short term, will support my work directly, and, in the long term, will be used to make grants to congregations and nonprofits speaking to bring me in who find themselves unable who find themselves unable to raise the costs.

Please note that, since the fund is yet to be set up, right now I'm looking primarily for commitments so that I know that continued work is viable.  Please email a willingness to donate or contact me through the contact page with either the a range or specific amount, and I will follow up with you when the fund has been established.

These donations will be tax-deductible.  For those who want to help with immediate support needs, I would be grateful for a non-tax-deductible gift at https://www.gofundme.com/matanignites

Part-time work

There is no way for me to continue this work while searching for or holding a full-time job.  Even a permanent part-time job would probably be inconsistent with the travel and intense preparatory needs that go into an appearance.  That said, I have plenty of capacity for hourly work, especially on flexible schedules while I am building this business.  Many of you know my various skills, and I maintain an active law license in New York and an inactive law license, (which I could activate were there reason) in Massachusetts.  Essentially, every month that I earn $7000, whether from my inclusion work or from other work, is a time that I can continue this initiative. Keep me in mind, and let's figure out if we can keep this going.

Thank you for taking the time to read.  I hope that you find this work as important as I do, and will do it you can to help me keep it going.  I wish you all a happy start to 2016.

My very best