Providing Temporary Help to Matan: Everything You Need to Know

Like anyone who employs personal-care, I find that I have occasional gaps in coverage ranging from a single day to several weeks at a time where people who are not on my permanent staff are needed to provide some or all of my personal-care. This webpage provides all the information that someone would need to know to help. No experience is necessary, and I will talk you through everything.


I often colloquially refer to the people who provide coverage as volunteers, but in reality, the state pays my caregivers $15 per hour, which means as long as someone is willing to fill out all of the paperwork to become my employee of record, (and is legally able to work in the United States), this does not have to be volunteer. Given that most folks are volunteering, the descriptions below will be phrased in terms of the minimum time that the tasks should take, but for those willing to go into the system, the morning is budgeted at three hours ($45) and the evening is budgeted at four hours ($60) before taxes.

Description of a morning

For those who might be considering a role as my permanent morning caregiver, the latest job description can be found at my morning page. Temporary coverage is a little less complicated, and basically involves arriving at my home, either at the 6 AM time of the normal shift or at a mutually agreeable other time. The actual tasks should take two hours or less for any person covering for the second or third time, and will probably take about three hours your first time. The morning involves getting me up, showered, and dressed with the aid of a list in which I will instruct you, and then helping me to change my ostomy bag and prepare for the day. None of this is physically strenuous nor complicated or hard to learn. One must however be comfortable dealing with the nakedness and bodily fluids of another person.

I do not actually have parking available in the morning, and parking in my neighborhood is very expensive, so it is my strong preference for any temporary covering person to take public transportation or Uber/Lyft. If parking is the only option, I will reimburse your parking cost. To be clear, this is not an option for people considering the permanent position.

Description of an evening

Since there are no current openings on my evening team, I do not have a description to which to refer jobseekers. If that changes I will add one. We do still use temporary coverage, however, because my people do get sick, get injured and take vacations.

The actual evening shift would be four hours long, but coverage can be accomplished in 30 to 45 minutes anytime after 9 PM mutually agreeable to the parties. Coverage of an evening involves using my lift to put me in pajamas, helping me switch my chair into bed mode, and prepare for sleep, and sometimes assistance with ostomy bag changing.

For this shift there is a parking pass available, making transportation less complicated.