Universal Inclusion for the Jewish Community

Rather than preach, [Matan] educated. Instead of talking down, he lifted us up. In place of dwelling on the problems, he made us believe we could be part of the solution. - Micol Zimmerman, former director for North American Federation of Temple Youth

One of the greatest mitzvot enjoined upon us is to enable the Jewish lives of our fellow Jews, from celebrating births and weddings to joining together to bury and mourn our dead. Yet, by failing to eliminate physical, spiritual and attitudinal barriers, our community is often still closed to the participation of Jews with disabilities

The Case for Universal Inclusion in Religious Community

More than kindness or even obligation, however, this participation benefits us all by enriching our community. True participation may involve ramps, listening devices and braille siddurim, but it starts with a collective passion to tear down the physical, emotional, and spiritual barriers that stand between us. I seek to help you ignite or fan the fires of this passion in your community, and to start you on the practical path forward.

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