Inclusion on Fire!

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I am pleased to announce my "Inclusion on Fire" initiative and tour. In February 2018, I underwent surgery which has completely revolutionized the ease and cost of my travel, opening up new options for scheduling and structuring inclusion events.

Whether you want a conversation on inclusion, one or more study sessions, any of my existing workshops, or any new type of programming, lets make fiscal 2018-2019 the year that it happens. I have always been committed to trying to make programming work within the resources of the communities that care to bring me in, and with my new flexibility and options, there is no community for which my inclusion programming should be out of reach, if we work together creatively.

Want to find out more about my offerings check out this link.

Or, check out this video of a full Friday night presentation:


The Igniting Inclusion Initiative can bring a wide variety of programming to your synagogue or organization. Our most popular first time offering, however, remains our Conversation on Inclusion. This example, at Congregation Beth Tikvah in April 2017 in Columbus Ohio is a perfect example.

Then Read These Rave Reviews

  • "Over the course of a weekend, our congregation not only felt as if we had acquired a new friend, we felt enriched and better ... a bright, engaging and articulate spokesperson, speaking on the important topics of inclusion in synagogue life of those with special needs." Rabbi Neil S. Cooper, Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El Wynwood, Pennsylvania
  • "Matan wove together our current accomplishments welcoming people with disabilities, with the goal of moving our work, mission and vision for synagogue inclusion to the next level. All of us were moved by Matan’s sense of humor, relatability, wisdom and insight." Rabbi Allison L. Berry, Temple Shalom, Newton Massachusetts
  • "Through personal reflections, wisdom from our tradition and a vision of wholeness, Matan reflects on the potential of what a community can accomplish when inclusion is a priority.  Matan speaks with passion and facilitates meaningful conversation which can help a community implement its vision." Rabbi Rick Kellner, Congregation Beth Tikvah, Columbus Ohio

And then..

When you are ready to discuss how we can make it happen, email, or call me at 617-433-5555.