Programs in Development

In addition to the two existing programs, Universal Inclusion for the Jewish Community and Universal Inclusion for Business, there are constantly new presentations being developed to carry the message of universal inclusion to new populations and communities. The following have not been formally presented yet, but are available to be booked by any organization that wants to be host the debut.


Why Bring Matan to you?

Build a Fundraiser for Your Inclusion Efforts

You've committed to taking the next step on inclusion, and you need a budget to make it happen. I have a proven record of selling your donors on the importance of inclusion, helping them open their hearts and wallets to support this important cause. was the first time I've ever had someone tell me that a fundraising pitch was meaningful and enjoyable – Carrie Bornstein – Executive Director for Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh and Paula Brody & Family Education Center

Inclusion in Education

Our educational institutions have long been leaders in the in the inclusion of people with disabilities, and today is no different. The best educators have already begun to think about universal inclusion as a way to reach every student and help them reach their fullest potential. Building on the success of my presentation to Coe College, I will come in and help take those efforts to the next level.

Excellent. Fantastic. Mind-changing. These were a few of the words used to describe the visit of Mr. Matan Koch to Coe Colleg. - Becky Stonawski, Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Coe College


Have an Idea?

I am always interested in hearing about new avenues and venues to spread the message of universal inclusion, especially ones I may not have thought of yet. If you have an idea or would like to explore creating a new program specifically for your community or industry, let me know using the form below.

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